Jet diver hook up

Perhaps even more important, because the diver loses pressure against the water when tripped, fish are prevented from gaining leverage and throwing your hook prior to divers, the only way an angler could accomplish this loss of water pressure was to use a break-away lead, which is a very expensive and cumbersome way to fish.

(jet diver) this diver is not used that much in saltwater but was designed primarily for back-trolling for salmon/steelhead in rivers it works on the same basic principle as the pink lady, but is hollow which allows it to float when no current or movement is applied.

Jet diver ™ that matches the the smallest jet, (the jet 10) can effectively reach up to a 10-foot depth with lines testing from 12 to 15 pounds a deeper dive would be possible with: a lighter, thinner line, b increased trolling speed or c by releasing more line. The luhr-jensen jet diver is a diving planer that fishermen use to retrieve lures at a specific depth while trolling jet divers work in rivers as well as lakes, and are useful for pursuing fish like steelhead, lake trout and walleye, which often school around submerged structure in water of various depths.

How to rig up a diver and bait for salmon. Trolling divers - jet divers, rundown divers, tru trip divers the tru-trip deep diver is a favorite among great lakes charter captains when trolling crawler harnesses and spoons jet divers are the original trolling divers and are proven fish getters.

Has anyone every used a jet diver i guess its the same principal as the hell pet don't hate me because i troll (i know the hell storm this topic starts and i am not up for it) i am new to white bass and am easing into it.

The jet diver's unique, buoyant design collects water pressure against its wings to dive yet when pressure is relaxed, the jet diver will float off of structure the preeminent diver for river back-trolling applications, the jet diver enables the presentation of lures and baits tight to the river bottom where most fish are found, without getting hung-up in this difficult environment. I picked up one number 40 jet diver and want to try it off a dual masted planer board, i've been reading about aftermarket jet releases and for just the one diver i figure i should be able to make oneanyone have plans or can describe what needs to be done.

Jet diver hook up
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